Think. Act. Be!

I’m Mark Hendriks, founder of Grown and Healthy. Through helping 100's of clients like you, I have developed the greatest program to transform your stiff body into a Lean, Agile and Powerful vehicle that will catapult your Physique and Confidence to your Highest Potential! I show you how to Eat, Think and Move like a Champion!

Steps toSuccess

We use these Tools To Build Your Dream!


A balanced Macro and Micro-nutrient Diet.


Building Work capacity through Exercise


A Competent Adviser to Guide You

Now is a better time than Never!

Scientifically Proven Techniques!
Life Changing!
Using Whole Foods, Mindset, and Movement!

The Choice is Yours

Customized Coaching, Training Programs, 1 on 1 Training Available
  • Forefoot Walking
  • $49
    per Monthly
  • Guided Program
  • Designed to build Strength
  • Mobility to ease Discomfort
  • Explosive Movement for Athleticism
  • I will review your submitted exercises within 24hr
  • I provide feedback and adjustments to exercise form
  • Smartphone App Program and Progress Tracking Included
  • Custom Coaching
  • $320
    per Monthly
  • Describe your goals and I will provide you the perfect program.
  • - From Foot Strength, Sprinting, Bodybuilding and General Wellness.
  • - You will receive a unique and custom program
  • - A catalog of exercises and routines custom to you and your goals.
  • - Built to work around limitations and to level up your weaknesses.
  • - Mobility Exercises that will alleviate pain and crush your goals!
  • - Nutrition Coaching unique to your Goals
  • - Weekly VideoChat Consultation (15-20min)
  • - Access to me, directly through Training App.
  • - Correspondence 7 days a week (I'm here for you!)
  • - I will review your exercises and movement form, from your recorded videos
  • - 12hr Priority movement review and response.
  • - Smartphone App Integration for Scheduling and Performance Tracking

In-Person Training

Train with Us. To book personal training sessions with Mark in the Atlanta area, please email or fill out the form below for rates and availability. Serious Inquiries Only.

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